Moixa’s GridShare – the key behind the intelligent charging offer by Honda

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e:PROGRESS, launched by Honda Motor Europe this week, is an intelligent home EV charging offer for Honda e customers in the UK.  By using Moixa’s GridShare technology, e:PROGRESS optimises  vehicle charging schedules in order  to save money for Honda e drivers while enabling more renewable energy on the grid by integrating with the Agile Octopus 100% renewable tariff from Octopus Energy.

20190305 125504 Moixa | Home Energy Storage | Smart Energy Management

GridShare autonomously selects the most cost-effective times to charge the vehicle based on dynamic price changes of the Agile tariff, while ensuring that the Honda e is always adequately charged when needed.  Traditionally, EV drivers wishing to make the most of the most flexible tariffs on the market have had to monitor prices themselves and set charge schedules accordingly. By allowing customers to simply input when their vehicle is available to charge and when they need it to be ready by, e:PROGRESS makes the process much simpler, which in turn is expected to drive greater adoption.

“As we build back better, the world will see an exponential rise in electric vehicle adoption. Intelligent battery management software like GridShare is essential to ensure that EV uptake not only brings financial benefits to the driver, but also supports balancing the increase in demand of energy from the grid,” said  Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa. “We are delighted to have helped Honda to leverage our GridShare software to  deliver the first e:PROGRESS intelligent charging service, making customers’ lives easier and progressing further towards a net-zero carbon world.”

GridShare software has been developed to optimise both EV and home batteries and deliver lower cost charging for customers, fleet managers and the energy system. GridShare already connects more than 250MWh of batteries across 25,000 homes in Japan, and is designed to manage growing fleets of EV and home batteries.  By doing this, GridShare is able to combine their power to deliver more flexibility to global power systems and enable net zero carbon emissions.

National Grid predicts that there will be more than 11 million EVs on UK roads by 2030, and as many as 40 million by 2040, (from more than 370,000 today,[1]). Increased EV adoption will drive higher demand for managed energy storage, to help balance intermittent wind and renewable energy through smart charging, while minimising network cost. This new partnership with Honda is another step towards Moixa’s mission to increase the IQ of energy devices and create multiple GWhs of managed charging that could be used for balancing the grid in the future.

Consumer demand is already skyrocketing, with year on year sales of pure EVs up more than 54%. In the same period, new diesel and petrol car registrations are down by 62% and 50% respectively. This exponential growth, even during COVID-19, demonstrates the strength of the market and represents a huge global opportunity for intelligent charging to create new revenue streams for car manufacturers and fleet owners, while providing more value for customers and delivering new energy system flexibility. We’re really excited to be at the forefront of energy transition and looking forward to working with Honda on expanding this proposition further across Europe.

eProgress infographic 1 Moixa | Home Energy Storage | Smart Energy Management

*The savings shown are based on an average household energy consumption of 4200 kWh per year plus the energy consumed by a Honda e travelling 8,000 miles per year (22 miles per day) with an efficiency of 4 miles/kWh, or 2000 kWh. The monetary savings are calculated by comparing the cost of this energy when powered by Agile Octopus against a standard flat tariff with a rate of 16p/kWh and a standing charge of 25p/day. Tariff pricing for Agile Octopus is based on the past 12 months’ data (up to April 2020) for the London area. Vehicle charging costs are based on e:PROGRESS intelligent charging selecting the half-hourly periods with the lowest prices on the Agile Octopus tariff between 6pm and 6am each day. The vehicle charging rate is fixed at 6.6kW/h. Your savings will differ based on your household consumption, vehicle usage, driving style, and location.

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