Why future-oriented companies should know about distributed green energy: case study Lumenaza and Regionah Energie

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Regionah Energie is a green energy supplier that passionately believes in a people-driven energy transition and proactively realizes this via close collaboration with its customers.


The team at Regionah Energie wanted to make the energy transition relatable for people while promoting the region. When planning how to achieve this, the company asked itself:

  • If renewable energy is generated locally, why shouldn’t it also be consumed locally?
  • Why should it be sold anonymously on the energy exchange instead of a marketplace where the local community comes together?
  • Why invest in unnecessary and expensive grid expansion when the energy could also be consumed locally?
  • How do we implement our ideas without a major reorganization and upfront investment?


Regionah engaged Lumenaza to provide its fully digital energy-as-a-service platform as a white-label solution.

The scalable and modular cloud platform connects producers and consumers in Regionah’s prosumer community. The platform enables Regionah to integrate new green energy products into its existing offering faster than ever before. For example, it provides the basis for a household tariff with electricity of a clear origin and smart tariffs such as for electric heating and e-mobility, which were launched in November 2018 and March 2021, respectively. Regionah got it all off the ground with just two employees who could focus on building and maintaining the customer base and brand.

Selling self-produced electricity into the grid is typically very complicated from a regulatory point of view. For producers in the Regionah community, the process is easily managed. In 2020, Lumenaza and Regionah co-developed an online contract conclusion for producers, a first in Germany at the time.

Lumenaza and Regionah are planning to introduce further innovations as the collaboration develops. 


  • New green energy products implemented in record time
  • Smart tariffs based on green electricity of a clear origin
  • Lean organization, easy implementation
  • Unnecessary grid expansion avoided
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Prosumer community produces and consumes green energy of a clear origin
  • Electricity mix: 100 % green energy
  • Self-sufficiency: around 90 %
  • CO2 emissions avoided (as of June 2021): 11,173 t
  • Feed-in GWh (as of June 2021): 21.2 GWh

In Regionah’s prosumer community, private producers and companies can earn more for their green electricity than the minimum feed-in payment prescribed by law, as they benefit from a slightly higher tariff rate by selling their electricity to the community. At the same time, they can obtain affordable, green residual electricity from the community, while consumers can trust the origins of their electricity.

Green energy and e-mobility are accessible and convenient to use for community members, ensuring that everyone in the community contributes to the success of renewables and makes an important contribution to the environment and sustainability.

Regionah Strom Plus particularly shows how important this is to people. The tariff bundles green electricity with a subsidy for sustainability projects in the region.

Regionah continuously strengthens the community. Most recently, the team introduced RegioMacher, showcasing and supporting business customers of the Regionah Community who sell local products and services, use renewable energies and are open to innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

Opportunity for utilities and green companies

  • New business models
  • Committed customers
  • Forward-looking and future-proof offerings in tune with the current demand for solutions that benefit people and the environment

The energy transition is opening up new business models for traditional utilities and companies that have not previously participated in the energy market.

End-consumers become active, engaged energy market participants. Everyone can participate and benefit.

The European Clean Energy Package supports energy communities, citizen participation and self-sufficiency. It must be transposed into national law by all member states in 2021.

Regionah’s customers are enthusiastic, committed people who are closely connected to their supplier and maintain a lively exchange with it. 

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