Voltaware wins ITA 3.0 challenge and partners with Vodafone

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Voltaware’s Energy Insight Platform has been successfully selected to help Vodafone’s employees to sustainably work from home.


Since energy prices significantly increased over the last few months, Vodafone has been on a mission to help its employees and customers optimize their energy use. The ITA 3.0 accelerator is Vodafone’s internal accelerator to select the most promising tech companies to achieve this goal.

Voltaware has been selected by Vodafone to offer its sensor-based product to Vodafone employees across the UK, Germany and South Africa. Voltaware’s platform will provide appliance-level insights to help them optimize their energy use in real-time, reduce carbon footprint and identify inefficient appliances.

The deployment will also look at providing Voltaware’s smart meter-based products across Vodafone’s wider customer base in the UK and Germany, which will provide advanced energy insights to engage them with netzero. This will also unlock a path to upselling energy saving products across Vodafone stores.

Katy Schofield, Capacity and Configuration Manager, Vodafone UK:

 We won the ITA Programme in a joint venture that looked to find a solution to ‘sustainably working from home’ reporting on Vodafone’s Home and Blended workers energy usage from home. This in turn will assist Vodafone in reporting on our ESG Scope 3 Emissions and Taxonomy Regulations.
We continue our partnership across operations and countries to look for ways in which we can incorporate the Voltaware solutions into Vodafone operations for our staff and customers.

Sergey Ogorodnov, CEO, Voltaware:

We are excited to see that Vodafone is now moving into the energy space and is the first telecom to help their employees address the challenges associated with the surging energy prices. We look forward to supporting Vodafone’s employees and customers and jointly advancing the energy transition.

About Vodafone: Vodafone is a multinational leading telecommunications company keeping society connected and building a digital future for everyone.

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