Voltaware and Regalgrid to build revolutionary energy communities

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Voltaware and Regalgrid have agreed a 3 year partnership to combine Voltaware’s cutting-edge electricity sensors and advanced energy insights with Regalgrid’s innovative digital platform serving 50k homes.


Regalgrid is building energy communities balancing production, storage and consumption among their users with the ambition to connect growing networks of people promoting self-sufficiency and Self-Consumption of renewable clean energy.

For the first time, Voltaware will be bringing its hardware and software services to help Regalgrid develop powerful energy insights across its communities: Voltaware will be producing sensors that will send ultra-high resolution energy data to Regalgrid cloud platform and algorithms.

A proportion of these sensors will benefit from Voltaware’s advanced energy insights, helping Regalgrid users:

  • Understand their electricity bill down to the appliance level
  • Track their appliance use in real-time
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Improve their comfort at home
  • Enhance safety & security

Over the next 3 years, more than 50k homes across Italy and Australia will benefit from these revolutionary services.

Davide Spotti- CEO, Regalgrid Europe said that “Thanks to the Regalgrid® technology, not only prosumers, but also the end users and simple energy consumers will finally become an important part of the energy sharing system. No matter if living in isolated households either in multi-flat buildings, it is our intention to help citizens to benefit together from a system that reduces energy waste, maximizes usage of local generated renewable energy and has social and economic positive impacts. Regalgrid® technology is providing sound advantages orchestrating a variety of different brands of different energy assets like solar panels and inverters, energy storage devices, heat pumps and electric vehicles chargers.”

Sergey Ogorodnov- CEO, Voltaware said that “This partnership will revolutionise the energy industry, bring energy communities closer together and promote microgrid solutions to develop independent choices for residential and SMEs customers. For Voltaware, it confirms once more why our sensors are the best in the market and the only ones of their kind. Regalgrid users will be able to install their new SNOCU in only 5 minutes, and benefit from Regalgrid’s advanced digital energy platform. Regalgrid users willing to take command of their energy use further will be able to upgrade to Voltaware’s energy and home insights. Regalgrid and Voltaware are paving the way for innovation in the energy industry.”

Interested customers should contact Regalgrid to activate their SNOCU (Smart Node Control Unit) and receive powerful energy insights.

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