Moixa: top 5 achievements in the first half of 2022

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As we mark the year’s halfway point, it’s a good moment to look back and reflect on some of the achievements in 2022. 

1) Huge milestone reached in Japan: facilitating the green transition

We are proud to continue working with ITOCHU, a leading Japanese trading house with a solid commitment to helping achieve the country’s decarbonisation targets. Our partnership, which started in 2018, enabled ITOCHU to deploy their Smart Star ESS to customers in tandem with Moixa’s GridShare software in order to deliver financial benefits to their customers while supporting the grid.

We are proud to announce that — by leveraging our technology — ITOCHU has been able to deploy arguably the largest connected battery fleet globally, with over 35,000 residential batteries connected to our GridShare platform.

In Japan, grid services with the participation of residential assets are expected to begin in 2024, with some trials due to be rolled out soon. It is clear that VPPs of distributed assets will play a key role in grid management when the market allows it. With its ability to directly control thousands of batteries in people’s homes for energy market participation, our GridShare platform is ready to help decarbonise Japan’s power market when the possibility arises.

2) Final demonstration of the EFLES project to help UPS electrify its fleet

In 2020, we started collaborating with other innovation partners, such as UPS, UK Power Network Services, and Cross River Partnership (CRP), to support the EV Fleet-Centred Local Energy System (EFLES), a project aimed at facilitating the electrification of UPS’s fleet.

Recently, the team demonstrated a prototype of the EFLES to stakeholders at UPS’s central London package centre. Our GridShare software played a critical part in delivering the project, using AI to enable UPS to charge their vans when energy was at its cheapest and cleanest for them. It also enabled the site to participate in revenue-generating flexibility services that help balance the local grid.

We are thrilled to have optimised intelligent charging and supported UPS’s transition to fleet electrification, cutting its fleets’ costs and carbon emissions while avoiding costly network reinforcements. More information on how we supported UPS can be found in our blog post.

3) Delivering flexibility contracts to help build a decentralised grid

We are thrilled to we have successfully completed the first season of the flexibility contract we had won — supporting DNO UK Power Networks — in the constrained zones of Worthing and Littlehampton.

By leveraging our GridShare software’s AI to deliver grid services, we managed to deliver the targets set for this contract and achieved highly positive results. The dispatches were completed with an average overall delivery of over 96%.

A critical factor in the effective delivery of residential VPPs is the amount the installed capacity is over specified to account for system dropouts, typically called headroom. Thanks to the sophistication of our GridShare software and experience in getting fleets of devices VPP-ready, we were able to deliver this contract with a very limited headroom.

Furthermore, Moixa’s customers who took part in this contract had the opportunity to be active participants in their local energy markets and shared their feedback on the experience, providing us with valuable insights to help us further improve the performance in 2023. More information about the contract can be found in our blog post.

4) Completing a trial with Alfen to provide smart charging capabilities to EV owners

We are delighted to have worked with Alfen, a leading provider of EV charging stations and integrator of smart grid solutions, in a trial to provide smart charging capabilities to residential EV owners.

The trial aimed to combine solar optimisation, tariff optimisation and grid services into a single user-centric platform to create personalised smart charging plans by using Moixa’s GridShare AI software and Alfen’s EV chargers.

It has been vital in helping us offer EV owners the opportunity to charge their vehicle with the cheapest and cleanest available electricity while validating the potential for grid services. Read our blog for more details about the trial and check out the infographics.

5) We’ve grown our team – and we care about them!

We are proud to report that Moixa has 86 employees today, with offices in London and Manchester and partners all over the world. Since the start of the year, we have grown the team by 24 talented individuals, working together with the mission of decarbonising our energy system.

At Moixa, we want to boost creativity and innovation and build a strong company culture. We are very committed to each team member’s personal and professional development. That’s why we run a busy calendar with internal and external speakers on various topics — from a wide range of D&I talks and workshops to informal lunch-and-learn programs.

Furthermore, to encourage personal and professional growth, we enable employees to attend learning events, allowing a training budget of £1,000 for personal development. This can be used to participate in conferences and attend courses or take time away from the office for self-study. 

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