Elderly Monitoring using Smart Meter data

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Worried about an elderly parent living alone? VoltaCare is here to help.


We’ve all jumped between endless meetings, the work commute and school pickup. By the time you’re in bed, after a day of balancing all your commitments, you realise you have forgotten to call your parents…

The global pandemic has aggravated the social isolation of the elderly and vulnerable living alone, and this will become a growing problem as societies around the world age.

This is why we’ve introduced VoltaCare – a state-of-the-art, scalable elderly monitoring solution using smart meter data to provide peace of mind to anyone worried about their elderly relatives. By learning their daily routines, VoltaCare is able to detect inactivity. It is tailored to the lifestyle of those you care about, in the most unobtrusive and privacy-friendly way possible.

I. VoltaCare is the future of Elderly Monitoring

Elderly Monitoring solutions today are targeted to people with critical conditions, who need real-time and very close monitoring – meaning they are not relevant for most people. No Elderly Monitoring product has been designed for family members concerned about their healthy parents – who often live in a different place. There is currently no solution scalable to the mass market that everyone can relate to. There is currently no solution available in the market whichmonitors elderly resident’s lifestyle, and is also scalable to the mass market that everyone can relate to.

Elderly monitoring tech available today such as wearable devices, only record personal movements without collecting any information about the resident’s activities in the house. Wearables are often uncomfortable and cumbersome, and are therefore left unused. Other tech include environmental devices such as home cameras and presence sensors, which feel obtrusive and end up being very expensive.

II. Introducing VoltaCare – unique Elderly Monitoring

VoltaCare is a state-of-the-art, unobtrusive elderly monitoring solution using smart meter data to identify the use of electrical appliances. Using thousands of appliance data collected over the last 5 years, we’ve built an AI algorithm that automatically identifies appliances used at home – in real-time. VoltaCare learns the elderly’s daily routines and is able to detect inactivity.

VoltaCare also alerts you about the elderly’s level of activity by generating two types of behavioural alerts – Caution and Critical. Caution is generated when a person remains inactive for more than 12 hours, and Critical when no activity is recorded for more than 18 hours. VoltaCare also assigns a score to each activity performed based on their habits.

New features are in development, such as unusual duration of an appliance’s usage, night time activities and limited appliance usage for a long time. For instance, if a person normally uses the washing machine weekly but hasn’t used it for more than two weeks.

III. Paving the way for innovation in the HealthCare market

Thanks to its cost effectiveness, 5 minute setup and unobtrusiveness, VoltaCare can easily integrate with existing smart home offerings – making it easy for Telecoms / Insurance / Utilities to offer this to their customer base.

VoltaCare is fully white-labelled and integrates directly into companies’ customer-facing applications – so our partners can offer a unified experience while unlocking new revenue streams.

Health care and social care agencies can use VoltaCare as an effective, low cost monitoring and alert system to help reduce their cost and make care more accessible.

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